donegal dreams

Leica M6 || Portra 800

Since moving to Ireland I have found myself living amongst boys and, subsequently, they have become my main muses. These photos were captured in the early morning hours after a long night’s drinking session during a weekend getaway to rural Donegal (northernmost county on the west coast of Ireland). These are the lazy, dazed, headached men moments after awaking from their drunken slumbers. 



Nikon FM10 || Kodak Tri X 400

Chimborazo Volcano
With a peak elevation of 6,263 m (20,548 ft), Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador. It is the highest peak near the equator. Chimborazo is not the highest mountain by elevation above sea level, but its location along the equatorial bulge makes its summit the farthest point on the Earth's surface from the Earth's center.