Montana Cooper

Shades of Winter

C | Canon AE1

F | Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400

The city comes alive when the weather cools here in Sydney. 

There is a certain windy breeze about that just makes everything a little more interesting, the sky gets bluer, the root vegetables at the markets double in size, the galleries draw you in, the pubs sound more enticing, and you feel like trying things just for the hell of it. The creatures of habit are still swimming in the crispy rock pools every morning, but the rest of the day we retreat back to the city layered in coats for whatever weather Sydney throws at us that day. And we’re ready for all of it.

Life is seasonal… Here’s a snapshot of my current one. 


Canon AE-1 || Kodak Ektar 100

A collection of photos from a very spontaneous trip to Bali that I took a few weeks back with my Uncle. Andrew has been trying to drag me to the island for years and there was nothing holding me back at the time, so I booked a flight and hopped on it the next day. 

It didn’t take me long to understand why people from all around the world are so drawn to Bali. Its difficult to explain why everyone is more creatively charged on the island, but thats just the way it is. The people value creativity and spirituality like nothing else. The Balinese people are gentle and happy, just like the expats who have made the island their spiritual home. It is a tropical hub that has the ability to draw in all sorts of like minded people - designers, gallery owners, writers, photographers - who are all there for their own unique reason. A place to heal, explore, and work.  

My uncle, who has been travelling Bali for 20 years, made it very easy to live like a local from the day we arrived. We spent our days like many do in Bali… zipping around the rice paddies by motorbike, falling asleep to four hand massages, bartering, playing Shithead, dropping into beaches to check the surf, Shazam-ing songs at bars, and drinking Bintangs until they became warm. I was piggy-backing on a boys surf trip so really I was just letting everything happen as it did, not feeling rushed to look around and see it all in one trip. I left Bali feeling inspired, recharged, and ready to return for more. Here are some snaps I got along the way...