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The title says it all. There’s something special about Western Australia. It’s so vastly different from the East Coast of this massive continent. Strangely enough I felt I knew that landscape before I’d ever been there. I grew up reading the wonderful lyricism of Tim Winton – his book Blueback features in one of my earliest memories where I’m reading alone. I’ve read many more of his works since, and I’ve realised that he places a strong emphasis on the way place and landscape shape us as people. 

I was lucky enough to score a couple of weeks in the southwestern part of Australia for work. These are some photos from that couple of weeks. 


Shot on a Pentax MX.

Shot with Ilford HP5 & Kodak 400.

Mexico City exists in its own universe. When you cram over twenty million people into a relatively small area, you’re bound to have interesting results. I spent ten days roaming around Mexico City and couldn’t get enough of it. After months living in a small village on the coast in southern Mexico, the sheer quantity of people meant that there was a constant source of entertainment wherever I looked. It was people watching on steroids.

I think the photo that has stuck with me from my time there is the shot of the large mural painted on the side of the building. Wherever you look in CDMX there’s art – it’s everywhere. It’s the message behind this one that resonated with me most…

‘Soy porque somos’ translates most simply in English to ‘ I am because we are.’

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