Vicente Manssur

El Gran Escape

C | Nikon FE2 and Nikon F3

F | Kodak Portra & Kodak Ektar

El Gran Escape is the name of a photo zine I started last year. The name means “the great escape” and is about the feeling or sensation of seeing things for the first time. I mean, that fresh feeling of seeing something unique that will last a few seconds before it’s gone. These photographs appear in the first three volumes I released, and were taken during 2018 and 2019 in New York, Oaxaca and Ecuador. El Gran Escape gets its name from a radio program listened to in a trip to Chile, about 5 years ago. I used to wander around listening to this radio station which had great music and the name stuck with me till today. In the end, this is kind of a getaway for me. To wander around, waiting for things to happen and making photographs.



Nikon FM10 || Kodak Tri X 400

Chimborazo Volcano
With a peak elevation of 6,263 m (20,548 ft), Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador. It is the highest peak near the equator. Chimborazo is not the highest mountain by elevation above sea level, but its location along the equatorial bulge makes its summit the farthest point on the Earth's surface from the Earth's center.


Canon AE1 || Fuji C200 Color Film

Cotopaxi is the name of one of the highest volcanoes in Ecuador. The word Cotopaxi comes from an ancient indigenous language that means “Moon’s Throat”. This is one of the best places to camp, so if you have the opportunity, you should consider paying a visit to El Cotopaxi.

We camped here last year and it was great. The night filled with stars and an incredible sunrise.